About Us

We are a social side and pride ourselves on offering rugby to players of all standards and sizes!! All that is asked of new players is that they give 100% effort on the pitch and can drink a pint and socialise après the game! We play at Marble Hill Park that has one of the best pitches in the area. Our clubhouse is the White Swan, one of our sponsors, by the river at Twickenham. The club was formed by Colin( Lord) Lenthall over 40 year ago and Tony( Iron Man) Bianchi joined him few years later and they have since played and put out a social side every season. The Club has toured throughout Europe and extended its special brand of Bulldog hospitality wherever we played. We are also in the Middlesex Merit Table

The Club is run by Colin and Tony and with Matt Holliday as Treasurer and man of all parts and with Jason Lenthall as Secretary. Please do not embarrass yourselves by asking if we have rugby training facilities…we leave that to other clubs . We just play for fun and pride ourselves on being Gentleman and playing to the very highest levels of sportsmanship. If you are looking for a fun club with a good ethos then perhaps we may well be the club for you..we are also a very family orientated club